Gender Equality Workshop by Shiseido

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On Thursday, July 26th, 2018, as part of Ichijo’s SGH program, 5 students participated in the Gender Equality Workshop held by Shiseido at their Tameike office.

Students had the chance to learn about gender roles around the world as well as the gender gap in Japan, and heard lectures presented by company staff.





Viewing of Puccini’s “Tosca”

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On Saturday, July 24th, 2018, as part of the SGH Seminar, 170 Ichijo students went to the New National Theatre, Tokyo to see Giacomo Puccini’s “Tosca.” Students were moved by the touching story, lavish set, and beautiful music.



SG Exploration Learning Session III: The SG Program Across the Curriculum

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          To wrap up the SGH Exploration Learning Program, third year students at Ichijo held an “Across the Curriculum” program for the rest of the students.

          As a part of this program, in June, students received assignments, respectively, in English, classical literature, and geography and history on the in order to further their understanding of the SGH theme, “Women’s Studies.”

          Today, Friday, July 13th, 110 minutes was set aside for students to gather in groups of 5-6 to share what they had learned with one another, and use their studies as a foundation for the discussion on issues surrounding the topic of “Women’s Success.”

          Following their discussion, students, after 3 years of study through the SGH program, shared their proposals for how women’s success should be handled and viewed in society.

          The students spoke eagerly and enthusiastically throughout the event. 







First Year SG Exploration Learning Lecture 1

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          On Tuesday, June 5th, the SG Exploration Learning Lectures for first year students began. Young female researchers from the University of Tokyo came to Ichijo to talk about what college is like and what kind of research professors are involved in, among other topics.

          The following visitors came and discussed the research process in university, and what universities nowadays are looking for in applicants with Ichijo students.

         ■Dr. Kyung Jin Ha, PR and Media Research, University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies

         ■Professor Moegi Saito, Learning Studies, Specially Appointed Professor for the University of Tokyo Center for Research and Development on Transition from Secondary to Higher Education

          In continuation of the “Comprehensive Learning Time,” young female researchers and graduate students, Ichijo alumni among them, from the University of Tokyo are scheduled to come speak on June 12th, 19th, and 26th.

          The students are in the process of writing a report on what they learned during the presentations for their “Role Model Research.” They will conduct research on their own female role models such as Malala Yousafzai, Marie Curie, and more.

          At the same time this program was going on, students took a break from their Role Model studies to listen to a lecture on the college of their choice. The content of the lectures were specially designed to get students thinking about their own future as well as serve as reference for their Role Model Research reports. The talks tied in naturally with the SG Program research.

          Students who participated in this program possess high hopes for the future and are all aiming to be leaders in the global community who make valuable contributions to society.









First and Second Year Exploration Learning Activities Have Begun

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On Tuesday, May 28th, 2018, 7th period classes were dedicated to “Comprehensive Learning Time,” where first and second year students,

SG Exploration Learning Session 1 “Role Model Research” (First Year Students)

SG Exploration Learning Session 2 “Group Exploration Learning Activities” (Second Year Students)

began their activities, respectively.


The first year students will research world renowned, prominent female figures and study their way of life and thinking. It is hoped that through this research, students will broaden their own perspectives and deepen their understanding of society. Students choose one female role model to study, and look into her upbringing, achievements, lifestyle, and more, and compile their findings into one essay.

Last year, students wrote reports on prominent women such as Malala Yousafzai, and Ginko Ogino. We look forward to this year’s reports.

Today, students gathered in the gym to listen to an explanation on the flow of the program from here on out.

For the second year students’ “Group Exploration Learning Activities,” students join their preferred group from the list below, conduct exploration-learning activities, and detail their experiences in an essay.

 “International Cooperation Lecture (International Fieldwork),” “Taiwan Research Project,” “Let’s Join a Business Contest,” “Investigation of Communication with the Chinese Language,” “Women in Kabuki,” “The History of Marriage,” “Romance in World History in Theory,” “Noh Theatre for Beginners,” “Researching Bach,” “The Ideal Living Space,” “Let’s Learn About the World Through Fieldwork!” “SGH Research in England,” “Nutrition for Athletes,” “Making Soft Tennis More Interesting!” “Learning About the World Through Coffee,” “Origami,” “Ciphers and You,” “Viewpoints and Issues in TV Dramas,” “Discovering World Issues Through Sesame Street,” “Games in the Edo Period,” “Analysis of Othello,” “Let’s Make an Original World Map,” “Thinking About Water and the Environment,” “Idols Today,” “World Changing Matter,” “Anatomy in Sports: The Shoulder Blade,” “Lifelong Sports and Women,” “How Career Women Work,” “Making Energizing Bentos”


The “Let’s Learn About the World Through Fieldwork!” and “Let’s Join a Business Contest!” activities are pictured below. For the “Let’s Learn About the World Through Fieldwork!” lecture, Kohei Amanuma from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was invited to speak about the current refugee situation throughout the world.

These activities will be carried out every Tuesday, 7th period, until June 26th.




SGH Research Presentation

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On February 14th, 2017, the SGH Research Presentation was held in the school gym. Students who had worked hard on preparations for the past year finally got to present the results of their research.

First year students presented in the categories of “Role Model Research,” and “Super Global (SG) Exploration,” while second year students presented reports on “Group Exploration Learning,” “Fieldwork in Taiwan and England,” and the SGH event, “Cross Cultural Talk.”

All presentations were highly reflective of the time and effort students had put into their reports, and the English presentations especially gave students a chance to showcase the progress they’ve made in their individual English studies.


  1.First Year Students: Role Model Research                 

             () Marie Curie

             () Coco Chanel

  2.First Year Students: SG Exploration

             () A Lack of Female Leadership in the Workplace

             () International Disputes

  3.Second Year Students: Group Exploration Learning

             () Muslimah            

             () To Live Better        

             () Electric Cars are Better Than Gas Powered Cars    

  4. Fieldwork in Taiwan

    5.Taiwan Research Project

            Difference in Awareness Toward Working Women in Taiwan and Japan

  6.Cross Cultural Talk             

  7.Fieldwork in England

             () Making Women Social Leaders in Japan                                                    

             () The Difference of Awareness of Science Between Japan


   ・MC: Broadcasting Club








The Annual School Trip to Taiwan Comes to a Close

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  The second year class returned safely from Ichijo’s annual four day, three night trip to Taiwan, which began on Wednesday, December 13th.

     Ichijo students visited various places in the city of Taipei, including the National Revolutionary Martyr’s Shrine and the National Palace Museum. They also had the opportunity to interact with students from Taipei Private Tsai Hsing High School, Taipei Fuhsing Private High School, and Taipei First Girls’ High School, Ichijo’s sister school.

    Amongst the students, those new to international travel got to experience the exchange of foreign currency, time difference, immigration and emigration processes, and the sheer nervous excitement of carrying one’s passport and embarking overseas for the first time.

    A number of the students also made local friends (some who even exchanged contact information) while fully interacting with a foreign country’s culture and history. Through their comparisons and observations, students not only learned about Taiwan, but also gained a newfound awareness of what kind of country Japan is.

    Though they had studied many of these things in their contemporary history textbooks, the school trip allowed students to experience firsthand Japan’s history with its neighboring countries, as well as see structures built during Japan’s governing of Taiwan.

    As part of the upcoming generation’s global human resources, Ichijo students had countless invaluable learning experiences during their trip. Details about Ichijo’s Annual School Trip program can be found on this homepage under, “School Trip Information.”

     Below are some student opinions and stories about their trip.

n  When I said, “Taiwan is such a great place. I don’t even want to go home,” one of the college students who assisted us through the B&S program told me, “Everyone who eats the food in Taiwan says that.”

n  The people in Taiwan shared tissues for the restrooms with me, came running to give me my change when I’d forgotten to take it, and even reminded me about purchases I’d forgotten to grab. I was moved by everyone’s kindness!

n  The atmosphere in Taiwan was really different. Many people spoke Japanese and, probably having realized we were from Japan, talked to us kindly in Japanese. It was also more comfortable going around Taiwan because the climate was warmer than that of Japan. I’d read a number of books about Taiwan before the trip, one of which had a line that read, “When I’d stopped to take just a moment, the view I saw was the most beautiful I’d ever seen.” Going there for myself made me understand just how true that line was.

n  Our welcome ceremony was incredible, and the high school students there also spoke such fluent English. It made me realize the level I need to be at if I want to work a global career in the future.

n  Getting to participate in the local high school’s club activities, laughing and enjoying time with the other students, I felt like I’d really managed to cross cultural boundaries and truly make friends regardless of nationality.

n  Even though it was my first time flying to a foreign country, for the four days of the school trip, I felt hardly any anxiety or limits. Being able to fully enjoy the food and the whole experience became a source of confidence for me, like I could manage anything no matter where I went. After seeing their persistence toward living freely and the tenacity toward learning of the people in Taiwan, I wanted to grow as a person. Additionally, the experience of being a foreigner myself made me want to be more welcoming toward the foreigners I encounter in Japan.

n  Compared to Japan’s temples, I was deeply impressed by the way Taiwan’s buildings were brilliant and colorful on the outside, but still rich in history on the inside.

n  Despite its history under Japanese reign, I was happy to see that there were many Japanese companies and products in Taiwan.



Chinese Classes Held By Ichijo Students

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  During 5th period on both Wednesday, November 8th and Wednesday, November 29th, Ichijo students held their own Chinese language classes in the school gymnasium.

  The classes were held as part of the preparations for second year students’ annual four day, three night trip to Taiwan coming up on December 13th. The planning, management, and actual instruction during both days of the class were done entirely by four Chinese speaking Ichijo students. The students readied high-quality teaching materials with fun content such as the names of popular characters in Chinese, and offered simple, easy-to-understand instruction on pronunciation, grammar, and daily conversation.



Preparation for the Second Year Students’ Taiwan Trip (School Song Rehearsal)

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  During 5th period on November 16th, second year students gathered to rehearse Ichijo’s school song, in preparation for their performances at high schools in Taiwan, which they will depart for on December 13th.  The students will visit their sister school, Taipei First Girls’ High School, as well as Taipei Private Tsai Hsing High School, and Taipei Fuhsing Private High School. 
These plans were organized entirely by the second year students themselves, and practice for the school song was conducted with special focus on Ichijo’s music club members. As the practice came to a close, many students mentioned how excited they were to go to Taiwan. 


A Lecture from Ms. Rumiko Seya

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  On Wednesday, November 15th during SG Exploration Learning, first and second year students had the opportunity to hear Rumiko Seya, board chairman of the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention (JCCP), speak about, “Women’s Role in the Pursuit of World Peace.”

  Ms. Seya told the students about how the current conflict in the Middle East and Africa is causing the number of refugees to skyrocket, and about the relief efforts the JCCP is providing. She taught the students about the strength they could lend to the pursuit of peace, both as women and as Japanese citizens. Ms. Seya inspired hope toward the end of world conflict and left the students with the message that true power lies within the choices they make.
The event closed with a stimulating Q&A session that left a strong impression on the students.

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