SG seminar by top athletes

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As part of school activities to encourage students to think about women’s studies for the future from the perspective of women’s active social participation, an SG seminar by top athletes was presented this past December 22 (Thurs.) by top athletes active on the world stage. On the day of the seminar, the school welcomed sportswriter and visiting lecturer at Otsuma Women's University Mr. Masanori Kadowaki, who acted as moderator, as well as four athletes in various sports and seven members of the Surugadai University hockey team. The athletes first conducted a panel discussion in front of our students on the theme of playing sports on the international stage. The panel discussion was then followed by an exchange time during which the athletes instructed the students on training methods in their respective sports. In part because of the students’ enthusiasm, the seminar was very enjoyable.

The following are the names of the athletes who generously took the time to visit our school for this seminar: Ms. Kayo Someya Karate (karate), Ms. Ryoko Oie (women’s hockey), Ms. Ayako Rokkaku (baseball), and Mr. Hidednori Kashiwakura (basketball).


School Trip in Taiwan

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This past December 14–18, our school visited Taiwan for our first overseas school trip (Group 1: December 14–17; Group 2: December 15–18). The trip featured visits to Taipei Municipal Taipei First Girls’ High School and Taipei Fuhsing Private School where students joined in school club activities and took part in discussions on the theme of women's studies. In addition, students participating in the Taiwan Research Project sat in on university lectures and carried out fieldwork with local students. This training was extremely meaningful for our students in enabling them to acquire a global perspective and experience a different culture.


Kabuki Appreciation Class

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 With the aim of creating a foundation for supporting inquiry activities that broaden students’ understanding of the cultures of Japan and other countries, our school’s SGH conducts a special arts appreciation class for those who wish to participate twice a year as part of our SG seminars. The first class was held on July 12 on the theme of opera appreciation; the second class—attended by 14 students and 22 parents/guardians—was held on December 10 (Sat.) at the National Theater, where participants viewed a performance of the Kabuki play Kanadehon Chūshingura (The Treasury of 47 Loyal Retainers).

After viewing the powerful story—including the raid scene—and the beautiful stage sets, the students said that they definitely wanted to see Kabuki again and that they wanted to learn more about Kabuki.

Lecture "how to write an academic paper"

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For today’s First Grade SG Inquiry, students learned how to write an academic paper. Under the guidance of their teacher, Mr.Itaya, all first year students undertook group work in the school gymnasium in the style of the knowledge-constructive jigsaw method. Under the theme “What points should one be careful of when writing an academic paper?” the students discussed which items were most important to them individually and why, then each group made a presentation to the class. The sight of the students enthusiastically carrying out their assigned task left a strong impression.


Cross Cultural Talk 2

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Through collaboration with the University of Tsukuba’s International Student Center, thirteen international graduate students currently studying at the University of Tsukuba visited the school, and a cross-cultural talk was conducted amongst mixed groups of graduate school and high school students. The international students who visited the school hailed from eleven countries: Argentina, the United Kingdom, Italy, Bangladesh, Belarus, India, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Russia, and Lebanon. Following an ice-breaking chat over lunch, lively discussions were held on such topics as the different lifestyles of women in various countries. Following the discussions, all the participants came together to share the fruits of the group discussions with each group making a presentation in English about what they had discussed. As the international students took their leave, there were many high school students who were loath to say goodbye.


SG Meeting

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Ms. Makiko Otsuka of the consulting company Work-Life Balance visited the school and gave a lecture to the entire SGH school body, speaking for 90 minutes on the topic of “Work-life balance will change Japan: career + hobbies + child-raising.” Ms. Otsuka explained first of all that work-life-balance differs from work-family balance, enabling people to bring various perspectives to their workplace by polishing their skills through interactions with people outside their place of work and by achieving balance amongst work and not only child-raising and caring for elderly or incapacitated relatives, but also self-improvement, nursing, and exercise. Using graphs, she then explained how vital it is to have people of productive age who are not currently part of the workforce to become working members of society in order to support the Japanese economy now that the population bonus period (period in which the population composition works in favor of the economy) has ended. Her advice that by endeavoring to revise whatever indignation a person has in a positive direction, it is possible to turn that energy into a driving force for changing frameworks and environments and transforming the people around them as well as society, which was met with nods of agreement from many members of the audience. Ms. Otsuka also said that everyone present should continuously think about “What are my strengths?” “In what forms are people able to provide me with support?” and “By the time I enter adult society, how will the skills and experience necessary for work and working styles have changed?” as habits to acquire. Following the lecture, not only students but also teachers and parents who had come to see the lecture asked Ms. Otsuka various questions, which she answered courteously.



SG Inquiry Lecture 2

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For the“SG Inquiry Lecture 2” in the first year, we asked Ms. Yukiko Kuroda of People Focus Consulting to make a speech. The subject of her speech was “What is Diversity Management?”, and she talked about the experiences she has had over the course of her time and companies changing due to the acceptance of diversity. She also talked about the “Female Model Study” that freshmen did in June, and she made the speech while communicating with students.

She explained that diversity has a level in terms of superficial meaning (gender, age, race, nationality, etc.) and a level in terms of deep meaning (work experience, way of working, way of communicating, primary language, etc.), but there is no correct answer for how to incorporate such diversities. There are forms of “Fusion” in various ways, and there are “Walls” for women to play active roles in society in an easy-to-understand manner. She elegantly answered the questions from the students after her speech. We think that it created an opportunity for the students to imagine“ themselves getting out into the world.”


Impromptu Debate in English

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We invited Mr. Oga of the Parliamentary Debate Personnel Development Association and students of the University of Tokyo as lecturers and held an in-school workshop on debates in English. Students have the experience of debating in English class but many of them were new to the impromptu type, so they felt nervous in the beginning. However, they could relieve their concern by actually doing it, and many groups warmed up while debating. It also became training for “the ability to express themselves,” and it was such a meaningful workshop.


The “Joint Recruiting Seminar by Ventures in Emerging Countries”

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Our school’s five freshmen specially participated in the“ Joint Recruiting Seminar by Ventures in Emerging Countries” at BBT University in Koji-machi that was hosted by IC Net Limited.

Our students were greatly stimulated by listening to the talks of entrepreneurs who are developing global businesses for emerging countries with great dreams.

Our school’s students will actually conduct inquiry activities to think about emerging countries’ business ideas by cooperating with IC Net, so the seminar was such a meaningful opportunity for the activities.


Taiwan Fieldwork Report ④

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(Excerpt from the journal of an escorting teacher, Mr. Hasegawa )

Day 4: August 26 (Fri.)

On the morning of the final day, there was a lecture. We departed the hotel at 8:30 and traveled to the nearby office of the Star Express Company, where lectures were held in a conference room borrowed for the occasion.

The first speaker was Mr. Yukio Yamamoto. He was involved in China-related work at Mitsui & Co., Ltd., for many years and currently lives in Taiwan, performing work related to Japanese-Taiwanese relations, such as the Japanese Language Examination. He spoke about the participation of women in Taiwanese society and the current status of Japanese-Taiwanese relations. The second speaker was Ms. Maiko Uehisa. She is a former airline flight attendant and is currently a manager with the Nikko Hotel group. Her lecture took the form of a question andanswer session with students. At the end of their three-day visit to Taiwan, the students had many questions.

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